Designing of an automated 50TPD organic fertilizer production plant from organic waste with the aid of BM1 enzyme

Talon, Garikayi ; Patsanza, Tapiwa ; Musademba, Danmore (2013)


Several negative factors have arisen from the use of unprocessed organic fertilizer application on farm lands in Zimbabwe thus overshadowing its abundance and cheapness as a source of manure. Leaching, de-nitrification and volatilization of nitrogen in the unprocessed poultry manure have been of major concern as they are contributing factors to the greenhouse effect and pollution of water sources. In addition it is a source of air pollution and is a concern to locals near farms applying poultry manure. Also due to the high moisture content in the unprocessed poultry manure, it is a breeding area for flies and other insects making people close to the farms prone to disease outbreaks. The main goal of the research was to design an automated organic fertilizer production plant with an output of 50 tonne per day from organic waste with the aid of BM1 enzyme. To meet its aim and objectives, temperature and moisture analysis experiments were carried out. Interviews, questionnaires and process observations on site at poultry and fertilizer producers in Zimbabwe were done. The results were presented and analysed so as to come up with an optimized system during design. An intermediate PLC controlled hammer mill plant which facilitates particle reduction using BM1 enzyme at a production rate of 50 tonnes per day was developed. The plant design layout and simulation results were presented. To a greater extend the design was a success.