Evaluating Market Orientation of Master's in Public Sector Management Program

Makanyeza, Charles ; Kwandayi, Hardson P ; Mutesa, Betty (2013-06-29)


In a bid to implement New Public Management and reinvent the public sector, empowerment through training of public sector managers has been at the top of the agenda of most governments. Many public managers are attending different management programs either on personal, government or development partner sponsorship. This study set out to evaluate the extent to which Masters in Public Sector Management (MPSM) is market oriented using a case of MPSM program at Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe. A survey was conducted in order to receive feedback from students who graduated since the inception of the program. The findings revealed that MPSM program at Africa University is customer-driven and meets the requirements of its customers. The MPSM knowledge areas are relevant to the job performance of its customers. The study recommends that knowledge areas that encourage innovations especially on business process engineering, integrated service delivery or one stop shop concept for government services should be initiated in the program. A doctoral program related to MPSM should be introduced so that those graduates may be able to further their studies in the same filed. It is recommended that further studies be conducted to evaluate other MPSM or related programs so as to compare the findings, and also to ascertain the relationship between relevance of and satisfaction derived from the MPSM program or other related programs. Although this is a case of the MPSM at Africa University, it is believed that the findings of the study can be beneficial to other universities or institutions offering similar or related programs.