Managing Organizational Culture Change, Corporate Change and Performance. A Case Study of GG Furniture Limited

Sibanda, Farai Annah ; Sifile, Obert (2014-10-14)


The aim of the research was to explore the existing organizational culture, which had affected performance and change management strategies despite acquisition of the company and new ownership. The current organizational performance and culture in place was not congruent enough to sustain the business which had changed hands. The study sought to find the right approach to managing cultural and performance change. Questionnaires and interview guides were used to ensure that all critical data pertaining to the study were captured. In addition deductive and inductive approaches were also used to ensure validity of research findings. The findings were that leadership is crucial in changing the way an organization should run after acquisition. The researchers made recommendations to ensure the organization’s culture would promote satisfactory organizational performance and establish an effective monitoring and evaluation system.