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Recent Submissions

  • Corporate board failure in Zimbabwe: Have non – executive directors gone to sleep? 

    Sifile, Obert; Susela, Suppiah; Mabvure, Joseph Tendai; Chavunduka, M. Desderio; Dandira, Martin (2014)
    The review focuses on board failure especially in the developing world, and in particular, Zimbabwe. The review asks pertinent questions: Why are boards failing? How are boards populated? What are the characteristics ...

  • Internal audit perceptions and their impact on performance of the internal audit function 

    Sifile, Obert; Munyunguma, Innocent (IOSR Journal of Business and Management, 2014-11-01)
    This research sought to examine the factors causing negative perceptions of internal audit and the impact on the performance of the internal audit function. The researcher used questionnaires to collect data. There were ...

  • Organizational Culture and its Impact on Educator Performance. A case of Educators in Masvingo Urban in Zimbabwe 

    Chipika, Chishamiso; Sifile, Obert; Chavunduka, Muchineripi Desderio; Mabvure, Tendai Joseph; Dandira, Martin (The International Journal Of Humanities & Social Studies, 2014-11-01)
    For many years, the issue of organizational culture and the resultant performance has captured the interest of researchers since time immemorial. The Denison Model was used as it explores the relationship between organizational ...

  • Managing Organizational Culture Change, Corporate Change and Performance. A Case Study of GG Furniture Limited 

    Sibanda, Farai Annah; Sifile, Obert (The International Journal Of Business & Management, 2014-10-14)
    The aim of the research was to explore the existing organizational culture, which had affected performance and change management strategies despite acquisition of the company and new ownership. The current organizational ...

  • Corporate responsibility and performance of State Owned Enterprise 

    Sifile, Obert; Kapungu, Nigel Kurai; Chavhunduka, Muchineripi Desderio; Mabvure, Tendai Joseph; Dandira, Martin (Africa development and resources institute (ADRRI) Journal, 2014-12-01)
    The research investigates whether corporate social responsibility has influenced the tax base, client’s compliant levels, employee motivation and general understanding and appreciation of what the taxman does. The objectives ...

  • Antecedents for effective management of public enterprise restructuring in Zimbabwe 

    Chavhunduka, Desderio; Fauzi, Raja; Sifile, Obert; Muranda, Zoror; Mabvure, Tendai Joseph; Dandira, Martin (The International Journal of Business and Management, 2014-10-01)
    In Zimbabwe, the process of restructuring of public enterprises has encompassed a number of strategies such as commercialization, privatization, downsizing, management contracts and joint ventures. Despite these efforts, ...