Diversity of agromyzidae and associated hymenopteran parasitoid species in the afrotropical region: implications for biological control

Musundire, Robert ; Olaye-Chaye, Adenirin ; Lohr, Bernhard ; Kruger, Kerstin (2014-08-23)


Agromyzidae (Diptera) is a family with many species of economic importance on agricultural plants. However, many species are attacked by hymenopteran parasitoids which are known to be habitat rather than species specific. In the Afrotropical region, information about agromyzid and parasitoid diversity in different habitats is scattered in literature. Our aim was to assemble this dispersed information and discuss future needs of biological control efforts against invasive agromyzids in the Afrotropics. From published information, 581 agromyzid records comprising 302 species from 20 genera were recorded from 48 plant families. Parasitoids (90 records) were associated only with 20 agromyzid species belonging to 10 different genera. The comparatively low parasitoid diversity in the Aftrotropical region is, however, most likely a result of poor sampling effort and lack of taxonomic expertise for parasitoid species in this area. More research on native parasitoids and associated Agromyzidae is therefore required before embarking on extensive biological control programmes.